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I’m not a touchy, feely, group sharing, speaking up kind of person.  I would much rather sit in the back of the room, and listen to what everyone else has to say.  When Coming Back to Center was advertised, I debated about going.  It sounded like a lot of activities that I am not comfortable with, but I have made a vow to stretch myself out of my comfort zone, and try new things to try to improve myself.  This retreat was 1 overnight that has forever changed my life.  I have never felt as comfortable with a group of women as I did with this group.  After the first few minutes of talking together, and hearing what the next 24 hours was going to be like, I felt like I was friends with the women in this room.  Kristy developed an atmosphere where all that were gathered could wear comfortable clothing, sit in comfortable positions, and choose what we shared and didn’t share.  Kristy made me feel like all that were there were the start of something almost magical that she had been working towards for the last 2 year.  We couldn’t have been more different in our professions, the phase of life that we are in, our backgrounds, or our experience with this type of retreat, but we all just clicked.  I’m amazed at how much this retreat allowed me to grow as a person, at my own pace, and without judgement.  I was also introduced to meditation that has been a daily practice for me now, and has improved my quality of life.  We also did an exercise where we started with brainstorming about what we wanted to do in our lives.  We took a big idea and kept narrowing it down until we got to the heart of what was in our heart.  I started with wanting healthier relationships in my life, and had a moment of realization that this starts with having a healthier relationship with myself.  I will honestly never be the same, in a very good way.  This retreat has also allowed me to focus in on what is important in my life, the direction that I want to go, and what I need to do to get to where I want to be.  I can’t wait for future retreats!


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