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Creating the Change You Desire

with Simple Tools & Actions

When was the last time that you could honestly say you were happy?
Did that question make you uncomfortable?
I’m with you and that's why I’m here.
Maybe you’re like me in that you couldn’t truly answer that question without feeling like hiding, protecting, or even ignoring.
There is honesty in that question
There is stress in that question.
There is vulnerability in that question
There is change in that question.
And as if that isn’t frightening enough…
There is the “where do I even begin?” in that question.
It is said that life is art, and I have dedicated my life to the art of discovering how to navigate choices and change.
How to not only acknowledge the uncomfortable areas, but to look directly at them and work on taking a journey through.
Through my own life discoveries, I have learned that sometimes all you need is that gentle nudge to move forward.
My name is Kristy and I am your safe space.
I call myself a soul speaker because those words truly describe my own path.
My goal is to create not only a safe space, but to allow you to grow and change at your own pace.
I am here for you and to guide as you need as we draw personal maps on how to move past the excuses, find the discomfort and how to gently walk through it.
The map is essentially you.
The whole you.
The you that we see now
The goal is to find the you beyond what life has molded.
By co-creating change, we will take steps together to unpack the bag weighing so heavily on your mind, body, and soul.
Together, our end goal will be a beautifully drawn representation of the you that you have always envisioned. 


Stress & Burnout Events

In person or online, Kristy will create the perfect event for your team or organization. Stress and burnout are at all time highs with Americans topping the charts as the most stressed out country in the world. Our healthcare providers, educators and community leaders rate of burnout is close to 40%.

Kristy's events walk through what stress and burnout are, how to recognize them in ourselves, and the simple tools you can use to take immediate action to support yourself. 


Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

Energy & Healing Work

Unique individual sessions that are a simple and powerful way to overcome blocks in your healing process.  This technique works with you to clear, heal and release old beliefs/patterns that no longer serve you or what you want to experience. 

Sessions can be focused on the individual or groups the individual may be part of.


Soul Connection

There is no greater tool to create change in your life than meditation.  From creating time to disconnect to discovering peace within you, meditation is a key tool in connecting to ourselves and our heart's desires.  Allow yourself to be inspired and guided to your heart center through a session no matter your level of experience.  Quiet your mind, connect to your breath and deepen your connection to yourself. Private, group, in person and online sessions available.

Stirring Coffee


Soul Conversations

Personalized coaching is often the key to create and maintain the peaceful life you know is waiting for you. Our time together will allow you to discover the tools and techniques YOU require to achieve a life of harmony in mind, body and soul. We break down barriers, fears, habits and old patterns so you may create an awareness of self that will lead to supporting yourself in the life you are ready for. Together we create a safe space to do 'the work'.  Available as individual or group sessions.


Alignment Coach, Meditation Teacher, Soul Speaker, Thought Leader


Who is Kristy...

-An intuitive facilitator who guides others to dust off their intuition

-A passionate speaker and teacher raising awareness about stress and burnout

-An intentional leader who understands how to navigate conflict and communication

-A student of life and all things personal development

-A meditation teacher on a mission to lead one million people to the practice of knowing

-Passionate about training and empowering others to know that the change they seek already lies within them

This is your invitation to experience what it's like to be more secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you.

-Kristy Berger Jelinek

Two Dried Leaves


I would love to hear from you.  Please fill out the form below and let me know a little bit about what support you are seeking and any questions you have. 

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